I’m Lauren, a Seattle native who started a new job and moved to Munich — in the middle of a pandemic. Why, how, and wtf?

Why did I move to Munich?

Ever since I studied abroad in Italy 10 years ago I knew I wanted to live abroad for real, not just for a semester. After graduation, I specifically looked for jobs that would help me reach that goal, either by gaining relevant experience or working for a company that had offices around the world. This focus led me to roles in aerospace, finance, tech, and travel. Finally, after years of networking and working in those…

At Egencia, the design team has unique opportunities to own the decisions made within our global product spaces. Sometimes while working in our separate product areas, we recognize inconsistencies within our own design system. This is only natural when you are a dynamic, distributed, multi-faceted team, and lack a dedicated designer focused solely on your design libraries.

As everyone in the team is passionate about creating a top-notch design system, we decided it was time to collaborate on doing just that. Luckily, we are empowered to do so.

One such problem has been sticking around since 2015. A handful of…

Lauren Nielsen

Senior Product Designer at Freeletics

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